作詞 作曲 編曲
 JONAH PASHBY 氷室京介 布袋寅泰

Clashing noises jamming thoughts
Busting loose in the darkened urban streets
Take a look in Pandora's box
It's only Rock'n Roll without a dream

Dr. Feelman asking you
Why can't you believe in anyone
You tell him
You should enjoy a little sense of doubt
Instead you're locked up in your paranoia

There's a Psychopath living in your mind

Can't walk alone you're chickenshit
Guarantee you wouldn't last another day
Can't deside if you wanna split
But take the ride and you gotta pay

Dr. Feelman says to you
You gotta do it slow and steady
And you say
Can't you dig the heatinside my soul
Or is your heart made of celluloid?

There's a Psychopath living in your mind

Twisted stairs going underground
Something out of the night of the living dead
Creeping up on you without a sound
Says you ain't seen nothing yet

Dr. Feelman so complete
What you do nothing touches you
You got
Wide eyes but you never see
Walk on glass you don't even bleed

There's a Psychopath living in your mind





出典:『ARENA37℃ 1987年9月号』